In November 2000, Amin inaugurated the Amin Gulgee Gallery in Clifton, a seaside neighborhood of Karachi, Pakistan's biggest city, with a collection of his most recent work.

Gallery Facade

Gallery Courtyard

Gallery Entrance

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In January 2001, the Amin Gulgee Gallery had its first group show when it exhibited the work of twelve Pakistani artists as well as artists from India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Nigeria, China,  the Netherlands, the UK and the USA. The exhibit represented the work produced at VASL, a workshop organized through the UK-based Triangle Art Trust and financed in part by the Prince Klaus Foundation in the Netherlands. VASL took place over a two-week period at Gadani, a ship-breaking yard on the coast of the Pakistani desert province of Balochistan, during which time the 24 artists (including Amin, a trustee of the VASL workshop) discoursed and worked.

Main Gallery

In March 2002, the Amin Gulgee Gallery hosted the group exhibition "Uraan." Curated by Sairah Irshad Khan and Niilofur Farrukh, the show included almost 100 paintings, ceramic pieces and sculptures by 33 Pakistani artists. Originally organized as an overview of Pakistani art to be exhibited in Delhi, the show was canceled due to tensions between India and Pakistan. The cataloged show offered Pakistani viewers a thoughtful and organized survey of major trends in Pakistani art over the past 50 years. 

Gallery Entrance doors (front View)

The Amin Gulgee Gallery, a non-profit space, will remain a venue for large-scale exhibitions of artists from Pakistan and abroad.